Time Lapse Embryo Monitoring System

  • ….A Tool for Embryo assessment in human IVF….

    What is Time Lapse Embryo Imaging?
    It is a non -invasive method of morphological analysis of embryos for their selection. In this method, embryos are photographed round the clock and resultant images are put together for ultimate video.
    Different companies have developed various time lapse systems . The advantage of all of these is that embryos are minimally disturbed once they go into culture.

    Why continuous monitoring of embryos…?
    It helps to identify developmental mile stones of embryos and those that hit on time are capable of blastocyst formation and implantation.
    Human embryos have at least 3 checkpoints for Day 3 culture.

    • 1st cell division should complete within 15 minutes (appearance of 2 celled stage)
    • Appearance of 3rd cell by 11 hours
    • 3rd and 4th cells should appear within 1 hour
    • 93% of the embryos that hit these checkpoints are viable to continue to blastocyst stage. Some correlations of time lapse events with embryo quality are….
    • Aneuploidy affects timing of first cytokinesis.
    • A cytoplasmically immature egg may have prolonged time for appearance of 3rd cell.
    • Synchronous development is associated with good cell symmetry